How Pencillus is helping to Harding Trading Co

Harding Trading Company LLC is a corporation that trades goods in different online marketplaces, and not restricted only to Amazon, and its main goal is to boost sales for associated brands. The key factor is this company is to identify the most profitable goods of the products database of its vendors, but, through a statistic mechanism it can propel those goods with less ranking sales thanks to a methology that identifies a correlation among products of high sales ranking and lower sales ranking.

The big key is to cross different variables for each products, like, sales rank, sales quantity by month, customers reviews rate and similar products with higher sales rank. Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include story telling, discussion to as part of their title.

To achieve this, Pencillus processes the obtained data from Keepa software, to get the sales rank, the most profitable products with a mixed work between Tactical Arbitrage software, Helium software and dashborads made with Power BI.

It is not only the software outcome, but the correct interpretation

A good software can give you the hard data, but the strategy has to flow from the experts. The best example, like Pencilillus applied in Harding Trading Company, was that not always the vendor is willing to sell the “star products” though the challenge is to identify products with a lower sales rank, if there is not another option, but with the feature of having a statistic correlation with the products with higher sales rank. That is the case of knives (with not an important sales rank) and knives sharpener, where the second product, pushes up the to the “second option” product that the vendor sold to the reseller.
This is a way to find out a sales solution for those products that need a boost in sales and as you can see where the analytics is not enough without a proper expert analysis.

Tools implemented:

  • Keepa
  • Helium 10
  • Tactical Arritrage
  • Power BI

It is important to remark that Pencillus was working according to the reality of Harding Trading Company, which was the lack of good sales rank products and the limits imposed by suppliers in terms of product list.

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