How Data Analytics Work

Pencillus‘ Data Analytics consists of collects, cleans, and interprets data sets in order to answer questions, solve a problem and implement and develp software and algorithms to repeat an analysis process.

Pencillus is a global firm providing data analytics services and software development focused on your company’s needs. We analyse your business through technology and your torrent of Data, to optimize efficiency and effectiveness of operations.

Pencillus provides one-stop services on three bases: Data Analytics, Professional Services on IT and Business and Software Development according to your company’s needs. This is save time and money to your projects since you can find on us, a coordinated pack of services related among them.

Based in a three pillars model: Data Analytics, Consulting and Software development, you can start the digital transformation of your company, focused on create a permanent monitoring process to enhance your profitablitly.

Products and Services We Provide

From a torrent of information your company and the market have, We process and provide an in-depth Big Data Analytics services to boost your business smartly.
We implement methodologies and smart tools to create reports that uncover valuable hidden data of your products aming to boost their sales and improve efficiency in their operations.
We set your business on the digital era. From database migration to build a comprehensive infraestracture all your biz operations  to allow you securely operate safely your company with the data in the cloud from anywhere to a lower costs.
We build Software specifically for your needs and according to the results of uncover data during our Data Analytics services. We create algorithms to smartly enhance your business.
Predictibility: Through Predictive Analytics with a variety of statistical techniques from the Data Mining hidden in company and the market, we provide a taylor-made Predictive Modeling.
Based on hard data and results obtained from our Data Analytics model, we offer consulting services supported with accurate information from your market and products. We are accountants and engineers in the same solutions factory.

How It Works

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Expert on Data Science collect and organize the Data Mining from your company and the its market.

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Pencillus gives you the KPI reports, Visual info and the golden info hidden to understand the solutions to be applied.

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Based on the results, we implement the necessary tools to obtain critical information about your business in real time.

Uncover key data
for Business Intelligence

  • We unlock stored data in your company and dispersed in your market and clients information.
  • We organize the information in KPI reports and dashboards identifying the golden info.
  • Obtain the Business Intelligence based on the hard data processed plus a business strategy .
  • Take advantage of your stored historical data to make prediction of your business: Predictability Model.

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