Pencillus’ Software Development Methology

Pencillus adopted Agile methology for software development in order to satisfy the current high demand in terms of quality and time.

What will you obtain with this methodology?

We understand agile software development the way to create a new application given to the users and developers small approach where value is provided to users in small participation before to make a single big release. A team who works under Agile, is permanetely evaluating the steps and results which is more dynamic and efficient, not only to make the building process faster but also to get results almost in real time before to implement the software in production.

Agile methodology allows to the team to permanently deliver feedback and don’t depend on one single leader decision of the whole project. Each memeber could be resposible of a small part of the project, which makes the process more agile and faster.

The idea of working Agile, is to understand that each member can contribute to the project in harmony with the rest of the members and even make to the developer (and users) being focused on finish and test their part before being wating to single team or leader the iterpretation of the results. This avoid corporate burocracy and adapts to the tiranic times of the market.

Main Advantages of our Agile Methology

Another advantage of Agile is that during all the development cycle the members are testing and getting results. In this way, all members can interact among them at the same time they are fixing up bugs and developing the project without delegate responsability in one single member and being responsibles for theur own job.

  • We can also remark some benefits of this criteria:
  • Consider the members more imporant than the tools or the process itself.
  • The complete application without issues is built before the documentation or RPF. We also call it “Rational Delegation”.
  • Eliminate the contract negotiations between the designated project manager and the client through the “collaboration”.
  • The result is according to the customer’s vision more than the documentation.
  • It is faster to the changes because allows to make modifications more quickly and easily.

And the big key of this methodology, is that Agile software development is more a set of different project management criterias more than a single “phylosophy” that envolves different strategies to develop software.
However, our hybrid method within of the Agile is to adapt the client’s needs and time to the project, and the essential part to succeed this, it’s a well detailed and designed documentation more about the vision of the client before the technical requeriments, at least for the first phase.

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